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Back to the Future: How to Reignite American Innovation

Book summary

Over the last half century, the fire of American innovation has grown dim. There have been no lunar bases, no cures for cancer, and no energy too cheap to meter. Not only have we failed to achieve these futuristic visions, but we are struggling with more fundamental challenges. Transportation speeds stagnated, energy consumption peaked, life expectancy plateaued, construction takes longer and costs more, educational systems are failing, and healthcare costs are skyrocketing. Where did our bright future go and how do we get back to it? The answer to those two questions are found in the three pillars of American society: the government, private business, and individuals. Government regulations have crippled progress and stifled innovation. Private companies have grown more bureaucratic, prioritizing short term financial gains to longer term progress. American individuals have relinquished values like discipline, merit, and a strong work ethic. By rebuilding these three pillars, this book charts a course to reignite American innovation and take us back to the future we are capable of.

Endorsements for Back to the Future

“Read this important book and find out why government spending and regulation fails to serve citizens, dampens innovation, and how to restore lost innovative enterprise.” - Vernon Smith, Nobel Laureate
“Jordan understands that the complex systems and principles that drive our society matter to each of us individually; he tackles some of the critical issues we face with great advice for our leaders to reignite the American spirit.” - Joe Lonsdale, Co-founder of Palantir
“This book demonstrates how bad policy has hindered American innovation and economic growth across numerous industries. We are in desperate need of a course correction and this book provides the blueprint for doing so.” - Dr. Arthur B. Laffer
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